Avoiding Unwanted House Pests

Pesky house pests enjoy the rising temperatures as much as we do. With summer’s arrival it becomes especially important to take some preventative measures into your own hands to avoid pests from inviting themselves into your home. Take these helpful tips into consideration to prevent unwanted visitors:

  • Damp locations are the perfect homes for carpenter ants and roaches. Be extra careful during the summer months of leaky appliances.
  • Sealing the cracks of windows and doors can help avoid the presence of stinkbugs, termites, and wasps.
  • Keep firewood at least three feet from your home to avoid termites.
  • Garden mulch should be at least two feet from your home’s exterior to avoid unwelcome guests.
  • You’ll save more money hiring a professional to assess your home’s pest risk than fixing the problem after the fat.
  • Know the signs – Carpenter ants leave piles of sawdust near baseboards where as signs of termites include insect wings near doors and windows. Large hives mean you may have a wasp problem.

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