Summer Fun with the Kids

Looking for a fun way to keep your kids active all summer long? Take these DIY arts & crafts ideas into consideration when looking for a way to keep your kids’ brains active all summer:

  • Homemade Cork Stamps – Put those wine corks to good use and just add ink!
  • Potted Chocolate-Mint Puddings – Kids will love making and eating this! These flowerpots are disguised to look like dirt but it’s really just chocolate-cookie crumbles! You’ll even have the adults fooled!
  • Chocolate-Ginger Bathing Beauties – Make ginger bread cookies and put chocolate bathing suits on them. Just don’t let them get a burn!
  • Blueberry Fabric Stamp – Let your kid design their own white t-shirt with blueberry stamps. Add blue patterns to anything!
  • Vacation Souvenir Jars – Encourage your child to collect souvenirs from all their vacations to put in a jar and label with the location and date.
  • Homemade Ice Pops – Get a popsicle tray and let your children put all their favorite juices into the tray for a unique popsicle each time.

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