Protect All Your New Items After The Holidays

Update your Home Inventory After the HolidaysTips For Updating Your Home Inventory

The holiday season has come to a close, and you probably have a pile of new items to go through and figure out what to do with. Adding them to your home inventory is a great way to protect your new items. Here are some tips to help you update your home inventory so that your coverage does not have any gaps.

Appraisals: Get your more valuable objects appraised as soon as possible. Things like jewelry, art, and collectables need to be appraised if you want to add them to your homeowners insurance policy. Depending on the value of the items, you may need to extend you coverage or even take out a separate policy.

Digital and Written Inventories: When adding items to your inventories, make sure to include a picture or a description of the item as well as other details such as value, brand, model, etc. so that your inventory will be as accurate as possible. Consider having both an written and a digital inventory for extra security.

Storing Your Inventory: It is a good idea to have multiple copies of your inventory so that if you misplace one you will not have to start from scratch. Consider storing a copy in a safe-deposit box or give a copy to a friend or family member that you trust to keep it safe. If you have a digital inventory, you should back up your files to a CD or to the information cloud, so that your digital information is protected.

Update your home inventory to give your items the protection they deserve. Here are some tips for updating your inventory. Contact the insurance professionals at Desert Empire Insurance in Palm Desert for all of your homeowners insurance needs. Protect your items and your home with a policy today!