Valentine’s Day: The True Meaning of Flowers

In Victorian times, one did not just choose a flower as a gift without considering its meaning. The gift of flowers sent more than just beauty and fragrance into the life of the recipient. Flowers conveyed subtle messages to friends, family members, and lovers. The idea that flowers have meanings is an old-fashioned idea but a very romantic one. This Valentine’s Day when you choose the flowers that you give to someone special, you may want to consider the historical meaning of the flowers. If you don’t think that your friend will understand the message that you are trying to send, be sure to include a note to fill them in on the traditional meaning of that particular type of bloom. 

Here are some popular Valentine’s Day flowers and their meanings.

Roses: (red) love and desire, (yellow) friendship, (white) purity and innocence, (pink) appreciation

Daisy: love and purity

Lily: sweetness

Carnation: fascination

Orchids: rare beauty

Sunflowers: warmth

Tulips: grace and elegance

This Valentine’s Day, why not assemble bouquets of flowers for your favorite people that express your true feelings and admiration for them? Don’t only buy flowers for your sweetheart. Your friends, children, parents, and siblings will enjoy the beauty and fragrance of some lovely flowers too.

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