Rekindle The Spark with These Unique & Affordable Date Ideas

Valentine's Day Ideas Palm Desert CA

These Valentine’s Day dates are great fun!

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the people you love. Going to dinner or a movie is boring! Make it a memorable celebration with these unique and affordable date ideas.

Go for a hike.

There’s nothing quite like exploring the Great Outdoors. Spend Valentine’s Day hiking together. The beauty and tranquility of nature is great to experience together.

Learn about arts and cultures.

Visit a local art gallery or museum. They’re generally inexpensive and are a unique way to spend the day. Take the date a step further and continue your artistic journey at home. Buy a canvas and paint and go to town painting your own masterpieces.

Spend time in your garden.

Receiving flowers for Valentine’s Day is a sweet gesture, but they don’t last long. Get flowers that will last much longer by giving a plant. Go to your local nursery and choose a few plants. Bring them back to your yard and get to digging. Plant all your new flowers and enjoy them all year.

Take a dance class.

It’s fun to try new things together! Enroll in a one-time dance class and dance the night (or hour) away. You’ll have tons of fun and will learn a new skill.

Make a picnic.

Beat the crowded restaurants and make yourself a picnic. Choose a few of your favorite dishes, get out your picnic blanket and head to the park. Enjoy each other’s company while enjoying an intimate meal. Depending on weather you may want to take your picnic inside. Just set up pillows and a blanket on your living room floor instead!

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