What makes an independent insurance agency better?

The opposite of an independent agent is a captive agent, who is limited to a single insurance company instead of being able to supply a policy from a range of different carriers. An independent insurance agent has more variety available to meet your needs. This variety yields several advantages.

Best Coverage

Your situation requires an individualized service plan. An independent insurance agency selects from a variety of carriers to better serve your coverage needs. And if your needs change, your independent agent can simply switch to another carrier for you.

Best Rate

Your independent agent has learned the prevailing market trends and current rates charged by each of the companies represented, from which the best can be selected for your policy needs. 

Broader Experience Base

By virtue of working with many different carriers, independent agencies represent a broader base of experience than those who are limited to one company’s offerings.

One-Stop Shopping

To get the very best deals in insurance coverage there is no need to shop for your automobile, homeowners, and business policies with different agencies. Your independent agent does the shopping for you to find the best each carrier has to offer.

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